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15+ Most Popular Sports in Nepal


Summary of Popular Sports in Nepal

CategoryFeatured Sports
National Sport
  • Volleyball (Declared on May 23, 2017)
Major Sports Events
  • Olympics, Asian Games, South Asian Games, National Games
Olympics Participation
  • Since 1964, with no Olympic awards as of 2018
Asian Games Achievements
  • First medal in 1986, with two silver and 22 bronze medals by 2018
South Asian Games Records
  • 679 medals (130 gold, 182 silver, 367 bronze) as of 2019
National Games Frequency
  • Held every two or three years since 1982 in Kathmandu
Sports History Influencers
  • Royal family, King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah
15+ Popular Sports
  • Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Kabaddi, Boxing, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Kho Kho, Judo, Dandi Biyo, Swimming, Cycling, Martial Arts, Kushti, Chess



Nepal for Sports Lovers:

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Nepal is a beautiful country with immense pride in its diverse spectrum of popular sports, glancing at its prosperous culture and traditions.

➤ These sports enclose diverse disciplines, from traditional tournaments played for centuries to current international sports that have become popular.

➤ The most famous sports in Nepal are football and cricket, followed by volleyball.

➤ Volleyball was announced as Nepal’s national sport on May 23, 2017, substituting traditional games like dandi biyo and kabbadi, which assumed the de facto national games before 2017.

➤ The popularity of these sports in Nepal is a testament to the country’s love and affection for sports and its dedication to advancing a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.



Major Sports events


Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Nepal first contested in the Summer Olympics in 1964 and has participated in eleven successive Olympics since 1972.

➤ Nepal has even participated in four Winter Olympic events, with its most current participation in 2014. However, Nepal has not won any Olympic awards as of 2018.



Asian Games

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Nepal first contended in the Asian Games in 1951 and succeeded in its first medal in 1986. As of 2018, Nepal has bested two silver and 22 bronze medals at the event.



South Asian Games

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Nepal has amazingly participated in every South Asian Games and hosted them well.

 As of 2019, Nepal has won 679 medals, with 130 gold, 182 silver, and 367 bronze, making it the fourth-most booming country.



National Games

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ The Nepal Olympic Committee and the National Sports Council host the National Games of Nepal every two or three years.

➤ The event strives to recognize skills for the South Asian Games, Asian Games, and Olympic Games and design national sporting infrastructure.

➤ The National Games have been held eight times since 1982 in Kathmandu.



Sports History of Nepal:

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ The Royal family mainly subsidizes sports in Nepal. Late King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah Dev was interested in sports and motivated players.

➤ Martyr Dharma Bhakta Mathema instructed the king in physical activity. The Narayanhiti Royal Palace had a football group but did not play beyond the palace.

➤ King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev inspired the evolution of badminton as a national game in Nepal and became the first chairman of the Badminton Association in 1956.

➤ He also graced the audience at the ritual organized in honor of Nepalese Athletes before they left to attend the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952.

➤ His Late Majesty King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev was influential in designing games and sports in Nepal.

➤ Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah, the first elected president of the National Olympic Committee, played a paramount role in conceiving games and sports in Nepal.

➤ During his presidency, Nepal participated in the 20th and 21st Olympics in Munich in 1972 and Montreal in 1976, respectively.



What is the National Sport of Nepal?

➤ Nepal’s national sport is volleyball, officially announced on May 23, 2017. Despite not being the most famous sport, it carries cultural consequences and represents national dignity.



15+ Popular Sports in Nepal:


Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Football has been highly famous in Nepal for many years, with an extensive fan base.

➤ The All Nepal Football Association was designated to encourage and grow the sport in the country.

➤ Football was raised in Nepal during the power of the Ranas, and in 2004, Prime Minister Padam Shamsher systematized a game that provoked a lot of general interest.


Popular players: Kiran Chemjong, Rohit Chand, Anil Gurung, Bharat Khawas, Sujal Shrestha, Bishal Rai, Ju Manu Rai, Sagar Thapa, Hari Khadka, Bikram Lama, Biraj Maharjan




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Cricket is a prevalent bat-and-ball game in Nepal that was familiarized in the 1920s by the Ranas, who got it around from their studies in England and India.

➤ The sport is nevertheless developing, and there are 429 cricket associations and 227 junior cricket organizations in Nepal, with a Cricket Association that is a factor of the National Sports Council.


Famous players: Paras Khadka, Gyanendra Malla, Sandeep Lamichhane, Sharad Vesawkar, Shakti Gauchan, Dipendra Singh Airee, Basanta Regmi, Sompal Kami




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Basketball is a famous team sport played in two teams of five players.

➤ The purpose is to hit the ball via the opposite team’s hoop while preventing them from accomplishing so.

➤ It needs physical skills, strategic thought, and collaboration.


Famous Players: Chheden Sherpa, Saurav Shrestha, Ajay Khushwaha, Binod Maharjan, Diveshwar Shah, Rajiv Joshi, Mabindra Bhandari, Nischal Maharjan, Manesh Raj Rajopadhyaya, Manish KC, Bijaya Burja, Aayush Singh, Rabin Khatri, Binod Shrestha




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Kabaddi is a famous communication sport played between two groups of seven players.

➤ It developed in India and is now general in other nations.

➤ The objective is for players to rank as many defenders as possible before bearing to their group.


Famous players: Jay Bahadur Bohara, Sanjay Shrestha, Anish Suwal, Balaram Rajchal, Bashudev Bashyal, Surendra Yadav, Sandip Kumar Gupta, Munna Kumar Patel, Birat Gupta




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Boxing is a famous battle sport where two individuals throw punches at each other in a ring.

➤ Nepal treasures boxing, and the Nepal Boxing Association controls professional boxing.


Popular players: Damber Dutta Bhatta, Ram Prasad Gurung, Narendra Poma, Bishnu Malakar, Bishnu Bahadur Singh, Dalbahadur Ranamagar, Rabi Raj Thapa, Nam Singh Thapa




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Volleyball is the most popular team sport in Nepal and is played by two teams of six players divided by a net. It has been a component of the Summer Olympic Games since Tokyo 1964.

➤ Nepal Volleyball Association demanded the government assemble it as a national sport, which was agreed upon due to its low space and cost necessities.

➤ It is valued by everyone in Nepal, regardless of the territory.


Popular players: Hari Hajur Thapa, Bishal Bahadur B.K., Dwarika Thapa, Rabin Chand, Dhan Bahadur Bhatta, Tek Raj Awasthi, Durga Bahadur Khadka, Saran Saamri




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Tennis is the best racket sport played separately or in teams. It implicates shooting a rubber hop or ball with a tennis racket over a net.

➤ Although it’s not the most widespread sport globally, it always prevails in Nepal.

➤ The Nepal Tennis Association rules tennis in the country, but Nepal has to assemble a spot on the international phase, with its finest player, Priti Rijal, only ranked nationally.


Popular players: Priti Rijal, Aarav Samrat Hada, Aki Zuben Rawat, Abhilasha Bista, Prerana Koirala



Table tennis

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Table tennis is a fantastic racket sport played on an immobile table. It is famous among Nepali youth due to its slight space necessity.

➤ Despite its popularity among youthful people, the Nepali government doesn’t encourage it adequately.


Popular players: Shyantu Shrestha, Suwal Sikka, Maharjan Elina, Tamang Deekshyanep, Nembang Swechchha, Maharjan Rabina




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Badminton is a widespread racquet sport that concerns striking a shuttlecock across a net utilizing racquets.

➤ While it can be played with enormous groups, the most typical requirements of the game are “singles” and “doubles.”

➤ This sport demands agility, speed, and accuracy, making it an excellent way to enhance your biological wellness and hand-eye coordination.


Popular Players: Prince Dahal, Nangsal Tamang, Bishnu Katuwal, Dipesh Dhami, Ratnajit Tamang, Sara Devi Tamang, Bikash Shrestha, Shova Gauchan, Nabin Shrestha, Sajan Krishna Tamrakar, Pashupati Paneru



Kho kho

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Kho kho is one of the traditional Indian title games played on a rectangular tribunal with two poles. It is the second-most prevalent classic game in the Indian subcontinent behind kabaddi.

➤ Nepal also adores this antique game concerning gears, including nine chasers and three guards. It symbolizes the old traditions and civilization of Nepali rustic areas.


Famous players: Dhana Prasad Chaudhary, Kushal Meche, Ganesh Bishwakarma




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Judo is a unique and popular modern Japanese martial art that concerns tussling and pitching strategies.

➤ It is an Olympic sport widely acknowledged as the most recognized form of jacket wrestling contended internationally.

➤ Judo is practiced without weapons and highlights utilizing an opposition power and momentum against them.


Famous Players: Ganga Bahadur Dangol, Mohan Bam, Deepak Krishna Shrestha, Soniya Bhatta, Phupu Lhamu Khatri



Dandi Biyo

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Dandi biyo is a most traditional game in Nepal that is played with a stick and a wooden pin. It was a nationwide sport until volleyball took place in 2017.


Famous players: Subodh Chhetri




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Swimming is a unique and more popular sport in Nepal despite being landlocked.

➤ Nepali swimmers have earned international fame, with Gaurika Singh being the youngest player in the Olympic Games swimming at 13.


Famous players: Karishma Karki, Sirish Gurung, Gaurika Singh, Chitra Bahadur Gurung, Prasiddha Jung Shah, Alice Shrestha, Runa Pradhan, Shreya Dhital, Sitaram Shahi, Alexander Shah




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Cycling is one of the popular games in Nepal. It is also called bicycling or biking, involving a bicycle or any other cycle type.

➤ This movement utilizes human-powered conveyances such as equilibrium bikes, unicycles, tricycles, and quadricycles.

➤ It is terrific to remain engaged and appreciate the outdoors while enhancing your physical soundness and overall health.


Famous Players: Pushkar Shah



Martial arts

Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Nepalis excel in martial arts such as karate, kung fu, gurkha kukri, and judo.

➤ These sports continuously gain popularity and perform different objectives, from military movement to self-defense, competition, or enjoyment.

➤ Martial arts are famous among all generations in Nepal.


Popular players: Sita Kumari Rai, Bimala Tamang, Phupu Lhamu Khatri, Yuki Angdembe, Nirupam Chettri, Dagendra Tamang, Anisha Khadka, Rabindra Dhant




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Kushti is India’s best form of wrestling and has distinct conventions. It is trendy in Nepal’s Terai region and delights many lovers.

➤ Wrestlers have gained concern locally, and the government is acknowledging its popularity.




Popular Sports in Nepal
Popular Sports in Nepal

➤ Chess is one of the most popular in Nepal and is played by intellectual individuals. It is founded on the story of ancient battles and was played by old kings.

➤ Nepal has delivered victorious players like Thing Bibek, Jaiswal Rupesh, and Kayastha Madan Krishna.


Popular players: Thing Bibek, Jaiswal Rupesh, Kayastha Madan Krishna, Chaulagain Purushottam, Panta Sumit, Hamal Manish, Maharjan Sajin, Rajbhandari Rijendra, Niraula Bhupendra, Bhandari Kshitiz



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